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Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Bi-fold Doors

April 11, 2022

It is the trendiest and most attractive feature you can add to your home. Bifold doors bring the outdoors in, and they allow you to create that seamless blend of your gorgeous outdoor yard or garden with your living areas. These doors are large and airy, allowing natural light to stream in. This feature can make your living area seem larger and give your home a fresh airy feel. But once you have bi-fold doors installed, how do you care for them. After all, you only get that light, airy feel when they are clean, and you can see out into your garden.
The drawback here is that cleaning windows and doors is a boring job. Just when you think one side is clean and you start on the other, you find that the first side is smeared. It can be confounding. But the benefits of doing a good job far outshine the negatives of the cleaning job.

There are a few things you can do to make the job easier and get your bi-fold doors sparkling clean.

Cleaning the Glass

If you have to go organic with our cleaning, then a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar can give you a streak-free clean for your windows and doors, but keep in mind that this solution will also make your glass smell vinegary.

A simple window cleaner can also work. You might even try soap and water, just be careful with the soap as it can leave a residue.

Regardless of your window cleaning solution, the important thing is to prevent streaks. Microfibre cloths and squeegees are the best solutions to preventing these streaks. Another thing you want to be careful about is getting the water onto the frames. You don’t want the solution to get on the frames too often as it might stain them or cause some rust. Frames require a certain amount of care, and you don’t want to scratch them with our jewellery, abrasive, or anything else that could damage them.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Frames

In most cases, the frames only need a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth or sponge soaked in a little soapy water, but not enough to drip into the door's crevices. Avoid using a heavy or industrial cleaner on these doors as you could damage the frame or the powder finish it has.

Instead, you can use paraffin-based cleaning solutions or cream cleaners to lift things like crayons, ink, or paint. You might even use an eraser to take this type of mark off.

Cleaning the Tracks

The tracks at the bottom of bi-fold doors need to be clean and free of debris. Large pieces of dirt or rocks and pebbles can prevent the door from opening and closing smoothly and even cause damage or derailing.

The effective way to clean these areas is to use a vacuum equipped with a nozzle and run it along the track to remove the collected debris. After a time, you may need to lubricate the tracks. All you need is a basic silicone spray you can pick up at a hardware store. Focus on the tracks and the wheel and guide when spraying the silicone. Before doing this, though, you should check with your door supplier to get advice as to which product to use.

Lubricating the Locks

Once in a while, add a small amount of light lubricating oil to the locks to ensure the mechanism operates smoothly and remains dust and rust-free. Light oiling of the key and lock can help keep your keys working smoothly. Just oil the key and insert and remove it a few times to get the oil into the locking mechanism.

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