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Balancing Sturdiness and Sophistication: Why Door Designs Should not be Taken for Granted

March 7, 2019

Most people do not think about the quality of their front door, but it is definitely important and worth consideration. Your front door is the gateway to your home, and it doesn’t just keep the elements out, but it is meant to be a protective barrier to keep your family safe from intruders.

If you are planning to install a new front door for your house, don’t let price alone guide your decision. Door designs should not be taken for granted, sturdiness and sophistication are traits to consider in a new front door, and quality traits like these come with benefits.

Why Door Designs Should not be Taken for Granted

There are many types and designs of front doors available that are pre-made and ready to install. For roughly the same price, you can have a custom designed and crafted front door that can perfectly match the aesthetics of your house, and that better reflects your personal tastes. The most important traits of a front door are sturdiness and aesthetic sophistication, and these should be balanced when to provide the best results, as explained below:

Sturdy front doors – a quality front door should be sturdy and strong, for obvious security reasons. A well-made sturdy front door will also last a long time, if crafted with quality hardwood. This allows for various design options, such as including glass panels, without compromising a door’s strength and durability.

Sophisticated front doors – the design sophistication of the front door of a house should leave a lasting first impression, but should be balanced with sturdiness and durability. Such a balanced front door can complement any home design, and it should take on the role as the centrepiece of a house or building. While there are many materials that can be used to construct front doors, such as stainless steel, aluminium, steel, and timber, wooden doors are best used for residential front doors.

Sophisticated traditional and contemporary front door styles can include your choice of luxurious door handles, decorative glass panels, and designer frames. With custom-made wooden doors, nearly any sophisticated artwork is possible, to create the perfect entrance door to your home.

After contemplating these factors, careful consideration should be taken about the style and quality materials to use for your new front door, as it will make all the difference to the overall look of the entrance to your home.

You can find professional craftsmen that can design, build, and install a new custom hardwood front door for your home, at Shandfield Doors in Bayswater North.

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