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Are Front Doors with Peepholes Out-Dated?

March 21, 2019

There are many beautiful and well-made front doors that adorn all types of houses, big and small. While most residential front doors vary in style, and are made from quality timber, one thing they have in common is a peephole. However, this established door accessory is changing, as there is a new version of the peephole available called a door viewer.

Why door viewers are becoming popular is because these provide a greater viewing radius than peepholes. However, as small and often overlooked as they are, peepholes are an underestimated and essential part of home security. With that said, front doors with peepholes are not out-dated, instead, peepholes are a very affordable way to allow a person to view who is on the other side of a door, without opening it.

For example, if someone knocks on your front door or rings the doorbell, a peephole allows you to see who is behind the door, instead of you trying to sneak around to a window to see who is there. Once you have identified the visitor, you can then decide if you want to answer the door, or not (in the case of door-to-door salesmen, or anyone you don’t wish to speak too?).

New door viewers provide a better field of view than a standard peephole, and, unlike a peephole, it lets you see who is at your door without them being able to see you. Door viewers use a high quality, wide angle glass lens that gives you a very clear view of who or what is on the other side of your door, and even as far as across the street!

While standard peepholes are still effective at what they do, they are only available in classic colours such as Bronze, Chrome, and Steel. When it comes to perfectly matching the style and colour of quality front doors, newer door viewers are preferred because they have a wider selection of colours to choose from.

With modern technology, some people are choosing quality front doors without peepholes or door viewers. Instead, front door cameras are used along with an app that alerts you when a visitor arrives. Whether you prefer the tried and tested peephole, a door viewer, or a front door camera, it is important to a have a quality front door.

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