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All the Door Options You Can Buy from Shandfield Doors

February 9, 2022

Most homeowners want to make sure that their properties will be good-looking and functional. They likewise want to ensure that they remain private, safe, and secure throughout their stay.

One feature that can provide these purposes is the door. Doors are durable barriers that allow authorised people to enter and exit from certain rooms or spaces. They are installed so that the access between rooms and spaces of a property will be regulated effectively. Once doors are closed and locked, people inside the property or room will be primarily safe from break-ins and other incidents.

There are various door options that homeowners like you can acquire. And we, at Shandfield Doors, can help you acquire your needed doors for your home property. Here are some of the notable door options we can offer to your property.

Entry Doors

Entry doors are designed to showcase an overview of the look that occupants and visitors can expect upon entering the property. But the primary reason why they are installed is to strengthen the privacy, safety, and security of the property. Opting for durable and reliable entry doors is a must so they can effectively deter burglars and other people from breaking into the property. They must likewise be resistant to weather elements so they can remain strong for many years.

At Shanfield Doors, we can provide entry doors that boast a classic, modern, or contemporary look. As for the style, we can offer 2-in-1 and leadlight entry doors. 

  • 2-in-1 Entry Doors: What is unique about 2-in-1 entry doors is that they mix the safety of mesh security doors and the generally designed entry doors. With these doors, you can expect that your security will be enhanced. They can even improve insect control and ventilation. Basically, 2-in-1 doors feature a hinged opening panel that can be set behind their wide array of wrought and iron/mesh panels. These doors can be further customised according to your liking.
  • Leadlight Entry Doors:Leadlight entry doors, alternatively, have been a feature for home properties during the Victorian and Regency eras. Fortunately, these doors can still be found in classic period homes, making their properties elegant and timeless. What is great about leadlight entry doors is that they can significantly improve the appearance of your home. They can also add great lighting, save more energy, and provide privacy. Leadlight doors can also be installed inside the property.

Internal Doors

To complete everything, we also offer internal doors to make rooms and spaces private, safe, and secure. Internal doors are typically not exposed to harsh weather elements. And so, the material options available for their production can be enormous. However, we still think that limiting the material options for our internal doors is a great move to ensure consistency across all our products. Most of the internal doors we have made come in featured timbers coupled with glass or leadlight. Our internal doors can likewise be hollow, semi-solid, or solid, with styles ranging from hinged to sliding ones.

To purchase quality doors for your home, you can call us at Shandfield Doors.

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