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5 Telltale Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door

March 29, 2021

Your front door serves as the main pathway before you and other family members or visitors could leave or enter your property. For this purpose alone, you must make sure that it will be maintained all the time. Its overall composition must be assessed and preserved at all costs. Its security features must also be checked regularly, ensuring that it can prevent intruders from entering your property illegally.

However, even with frequent assessment and maintenance, your front door can still generate issues and problems due to regular usage. Its frame and other key parts may deteriorate once they are continuously exposed to elements. Closing the door abruptly can likewise damage its main framework.

If your front door has the following issues, then you might want to replace it with a new one.

Difficulty Closing and Opening

A front door should open and close smoothly to avoid any troubles in entering or leaving your home. However, if it starts to manifest closing and opening problems, then it might already have some damaged parts. Leaving your front door with this issue will only cause more problems to the surrounding door components and fixtures. Therefore, you must replace it as soon as you detect this specific issue.

Cracks and Other Impurities

Just like other structural components of your property, your door can also show signs of wear and tear as time passes by. Your front door can show signs of cracks and insect damages that can be costly to repair. It can likewise begin warping, peeling, corroding, and disintegrating. These damaging processes can gradually weaken your front door, which can only be fixed by replacing it entirely.

Presence of Cold or Chilly Drafts

Another sign that tells you that your door has some issues is if you feel cold or chilly drafts inside your home. Cold or chilly drafts can only enter if your front door has some gaps or damages. And with the continuous entry of these drafts, your heating appliances will only consume much higher energy. Ignoring this issue will only leave you with expensive energy bills and a damaged front door.

Outdated Style and Appearance

Now, even if your front door is still intact and can function optimally, its style and appearance may not be suitable for modern times. A front door that is already old may look outdated, which would only affect the overall value and curb appeal of your home negatively. Replacing your front door with a more modern style and appearance grants you a property that is more valuable and more secure.

Heightened Security Risks

Front doors are designed to effectively deter intruders from barging into properties. Given this function alone, they are expected to feel truly durable and sturdy. If your front door, however, feels wobbly and insecure, then you may want to replace it with a much stronger one. Replacing your front door as early as now can help your property to be protected from unexpected break-in attempts.

If you need to replace your front door, feel free to call us at Shandfield Doors.

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