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3 Main Purposes of Door Frames in Home Properties

September 14, 2021

Home properties will never be complete without the inclusion of durable and reliable doors. Doors, after all, help in maintaining the privacy, safety, and security of occupants residing on these properties.

For doors to be valuable for home properties, they must be resistant to surrounding elements. Entry doors, particularly, should be durable enough to withstand heat and moisture. Internal doors, alternatively, must be able to function amidst the ever-changing temperature of the surroundings. Doors must likewise be appealing and beautiful, ensuring that they can match the existing design elements of the properties. They must also be energy-efficient so that property owners can save a lot of money.

Familiarising yourself with the qualities mentioned above can help you find the best entry and internal doors for your property. But before obtaining them, you must first consider the integration of reliable door frames as they can carry out the following vital purposes.

  1. Support the Door

One of the main purposes of a door frame is to support the functions and structure of the door. A door frame is typically comprised of a door jamb, head, sill, and lining, which are all crucial in supporting and even levelling the door. Without installing the components of the door frame properly, the door may become crooked and uneven. A door that is installed alongside a functional door frame, alternatively, can be opened and closed smoothly. The gaps between the door and the door frame will likewise be filled appropriately, ensuring that the property will be more energy-efficient.

  1. Facilitate Hinging

Another great purpose of the door frame is to facilitate the hinging of the door. A door is typically screwed on the door frame through hinges. Aside from keeping the door fully integrated into the door frame, the hinges also act as the main mechanism that allows the door to swing open and close smoothly. The closing operation of the door, alternatively, is supported by the knob or handle. When closing the door, the knob or handle and its components must meet the door frame. A weak door frame would only cause issues on the door as it could not support the key functions of the hinges and the locks.

  1. Boost Protection

One more purpose of the door frame is to boost the protection of the property. With a functional and strong door frame, the door can be hinged into it perfectly, preventing burglars and thieves from entering the property easily. Even with multiple attempts of destroying the door, the durable door frame and its connection to the hinges and the lock will not break quickly. Opting for a weak door frame, alternatively, would only allow burglars and thieves to enter your property in just a short time. Hence, you must utilise not only a strong door frame and a reliable door but also a dependable lock system.

To know more about door frames, you can always contact us at Shandfield Doors. Our experience and knowledge with door solutions for home and business needs have made us experts at what we do. We offer services that define unique taste and aesthetic appeal that is yours alone.

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