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2 in 1 Door: Better Design Solution versus Mesh Security Doors

August 27, 2017

Today, mesh security doors are a common part of most homes’ entry doorway. These are used to provide a free flow of air into a house, while preventing insects such as flies and mosquito from gaining access. However, the typical design of most mesh security doors block the view of the home’s front door from the outside, so people can’t see its aesthetic qualities.

Instead, only the mesh security door can be seen, and depending on the type of mesh door, it can reflect badly on the rest of the home’s appearance. Also, mesh security doors, although made of sturdy aluminium or steel framing, can be a security risk.

While there are many types of attractive entry doors available today, not all are designed to do more than be aesthetically appealing and to keep people out. For people who enjoy letting the cool afternoon breeze flow through their homes, an outside mesh door is needed to be placed in front of their front door, thus covering it from view from the outside.

There is another, multi-purpose type of door that is specially designed to combine the benefits of traditional entry doors with the functionality of mesh doors. These are known as 2 in 1 doors, and they are a better design solution versus mesh security doors.

2 in 1 Doors the Better Design Solution versus Mesh Security

Compared to mesh security doors, 2 in 1 doors are better designed to be more versatile and secure. Not only do they effectively provide strong security as an entry door, they are uniquely designed with a second section that allows air to flow through the door. The 2 in 1 door got its name because there are two sections that make up one door. The main section attaches to the door frame with hinges, and the inner decorative centre section opens independently and has an iron grill on the outside.

The combination of these two sections eliminates the need for a second outside mesh door, as the inner section is able to open independently to allow fresh air inside the home. Even when the centre section is open, the iron grill provides superior security while the main section remains closed and locked.

This also allows you to open the centre section to speak to people safely that are calling on your home, without having to open your front door.

For decades, people have wrestled with trying to enjoy increased air circulation that screen doors provide, and being safe behind a closed locked front door. With 2 in 1 doors, home owners can let the fresh air into their home by opening the inner mesh section, while still being safe behind their locked front door.

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